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Herb Plants

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Catmint PLANT- Catnip - "Nepeta Cataria"
Grower: Cedar Rock Ridge
Price: $2.50 ( 1 Plant in 4-inch pot )
Available (Exact): 0

Nepeta cataria, commonly known as catnip, catswort, or catmint, is a species of the genus Nepeta in the Lamiaceae family, ... more
Comfrey PLANT (Symphytum officinale)
Grower: Cedar Rock Ridge
Price: $4.00 ( 4-inch pot )
Available (Exact): 0

Comfrey is a very ancient healing herb often known as knitbone, boneset or bruisewort. A tincture or salve of the ... more
Holy Basil PLANT - Ocimum sanctum - Tulsi
Grower: Cedar Rock Ridge
Price: $3.00 ( 1 Plant in 4-inch pot )
Available (Exact): 0

Tulsi, also called Holy Basil, is one of the most sacred plants in India and is considered "The Queen of ... more
Korean Hyssop PLANT - Agastache rugosa
Grower: Cedar Rock Ridge
Price: $3.00 ( 1 Plant in 4 inch pot )
Available (Exact): 0
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If you have dirt, you MUST have this hardy perennial. It attracts hundreds of bees and butterflies to help pollinate ... more
Lemon Balm Potted PLANT
Grower: Cedar Rock Ridge
Price: $2.50 ( 1 Plant in 4" pot )
Available (Exact): 2

Lemon Balm is a hardy perennial native to southern Europe and northern Africa and has been cultivated for over 2000 ... more