Roast Beef, Chuck Roast
Grower: Flying C Ranch
Price: $16.50 ( 1 roast (2.5-2.75lb))
%> Available (Exact): 8

These roasts cook great in the oven, slow cooker, and pressure cooker. Our favorite recipes are a traditional roast, Mississippi roast, or Au Jus Dip roast. Flying C Ranch cattle maintain a rich supply of nutrients they acquire from a stress-free environment where quality feed and grass is plentiful. We practice 300 days of grazing, including planting of annuals such as turnips and rye grass to ensure our cattle have a plentiful, quality diet year round. We raise our own hay to supplement in times of need. The last 120 days before slaughter, we feed a locally ground diet advised by the state Ruminant Nutritionist to improve marbling and tenderness. We also provide seasonal required minerals to help optimize our herd performance and provide any necessary nutritional supplement. Our meat is USDA inspected and hormone and antibiotic free.