F6569856-1bb4-48db-aa3c-f0cfb2da2c3b Solomon’s Seal PLANT
Grower: Cedar Rock Ridge
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Solomon’s seal is a classic shade garden plant that adds an architectural component to garden beds, thanks to its arching stems. In spring, these stems become lined with small, bell-shaped white blooms on the undersides. These blossoms later give way to blue-black berries that are adored by wildlife. The spreading and clumping habit of this plant makes a great tall groundcover. Polygonatum odoratum, commonly called fragrant Solomon's seal, is a rhizomatous, shade-loving perennial that typically grows to 18-24” tall on low, gracefully arching, angled (as opposed to cylindrical), unbranched stems. It is native to shaded slopes and woodland areas in temperate regions of Europe and Asia. Each stem (to 18” long) rises singly from the rhizome clad with 8-17 alternate, upright, parallel-veined, elliptic to ovate-oblong leaves (to 4” long). Leaves turn an attractive yellow in fall. Greenish-white tubular flowers (to 7/8” long) on short pedicels droop (usually in pairs but sometimes solitarily) from the leaf axils along and beneath the arching stems. Flowers have a sweet, lily-like fragrance. Flowers bloom late spring to early summer (May-June). Flowers are followed by attractive pendulous blue-black berries (each 1/4" diameter) in fall which hang downward from the leaf axils.