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Greetings Conway Locally Grown Community,

A big congratulations to Cody Hopkins and Andrea Todt for the birth of their second child, this time a baby girl!

My farming education began in 2009 when I interned with Cody and Andrea at Falling Sky Farm, and it has been an invaluable experience for me to work alongside them while their family and business grows. Watching a few people with progressive ideas and lots of determination turn their visions into a successful business has been really exciting for me, but also intimidating. It’s exciting because I see sustainable farming as a way to have a positive impact on the landscape and culture of Arkansas. The community networks, local economies, and environmental ethics that have been built around the food scene in Arkansas over the past several years are proof of that positive impact. It’s intimidating however, because I have seen and, to some degree, felt, the emotional stress and physical strain of building a socially and/or environmentally responsible business in an economy that provides little incentive for such responsibility. It baffles me sometimes how farmers like Cody and Andrea are able to cultivate a forward-thinking business plan, raise a healthy and happy family, and train wanna-be’s like me all at the same time.

The independent, socially responsible, and environmentally conscious business owners that comprise our network of growers are truly a force for good and an inspiration for the next generation of farmers and entrepreneurs. Let’s not overlook their hard work and sacrifices, and let’s unwaveringly support their efforts and our common goal of better food and a better life.

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Have a great day!

Gabriel Levin
Market Director