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Opening Bell: Coffee, Honey, Chard, Kale!

Good afternoon!
Ice in the birdbath! As feared, we had a hard freeze last night where the temps were below freezing for about 4 hours. I’ve talked to several of our Growers this afternoon and so far, damage has been minimal. Now we are on the march to plant all of our remaining seedlings: Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplant, etc. One thing we don’t know yet is the damage to Apple and Peach trees. Fingers crossed!

Fresh-roasted and ground Coffee available now!

Here’s something fun to do: type in the word “SALE” in the search field, and then stock up the freezer on your favorite items. Ground pork, ribs, turkey wings! And Tara will be harvesting Carrots, Curly Kale, and Chard for you this week!

Lots of folks turned out Saturday morning for the 1st Annual Plant Sale at Bell Urban Farm. Kim and Zach put in a lot of work to make the event a success for plant vendors and customers alike. Despite the sleet, over a thousand plants found new homes in gardens as far away as Fairfield Bay and beyond. Congrats!

If you missed the plant sale, we still have plenty of plants listed this week. Search the word “PLANT” to see all the options.

Be sure to SEARCH for your favorite items using the search field. Over 670 items available now!

Most items are listed by 6pm Sunday, but check back again before the market closes Tuesday night to see if any other items are ready to be harvested for you! Eat fresh! Eat local! Eat for better health!

And save your eggshells throughout the week for the laying hens! :-)

The market is now OPEN for orders. Click here to start shopping:

Please check your email a few minutes after you place your order to make sure you get an order confirmation. Thank you for being a valuable part of CLG!