Cedar Rock Ridge

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Cedar Rock Ridge is a small, family farm committed to producing organically pure food, which is better for your health and the environment. All dirtwork, pest management, and fertilizing is done using hand tools and without using fossil fuels, chemicals, or pesticides of any kind. Chickens help with most of those tasks. Vegetables are grown in raised beds, and our chickens are allowed to free-range in the garden and woods for several hours a day. The soil is kept sustainably fertile by practicing crop rotation and adding lots of natural compost. The garden consists of 3 varieties of garlic, 8 varieties of peppers, onions, and several kinds of tomatoes. Anise Hyssop, Scarlet Bee Balm and Marigolds are my main flowers for attracting crucial pollinators. My low prices are a result of recycling pots and glass jars, using only homemade compost, catching rainwater, and my strong sense of community. Good organic food doesn’t have to cost more, and you can help me by returning glass jars to the market. They will be sterilized and reused. Thanks for your support.

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