Rattle's Garden

Website: www.rattlesgarden.com

USDA Certified Organic

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I love growing things! Maybe it’s just because I’m new to it, but I am still in awe every morning I walk through my field of sunflowers or see branches weighed down with blueberries or peppers or tomatoes or listen to bees swarming over cucumber flowers. I love that I can reach down and grab a purple bell pepper to munch on while I’m walking through the garden checking on things and not worry that there is anything unnatural on that pepper. I can look behind me and see five dogs wading through purplehull peas almost over their heads and know that there is nothing on their faces but the morning dew. I’d love to share all of this with ya’ll, but for now I’ll settle for sharing my flowers, vegetables and blueberries. Thanks for your support!

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