Bar C Family Farm

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We are a small 4-H family farm. We raise hogs all year. We have 6 sows that are bred twice per year so we have fresh meat all year. Our hogs are rotated out on different grass patches and are fed milo-based feed. At certain times we also add soybean and wheat germ oil to promote more muscle. All our hogs are on our farm their whole lives from birth. Our hogs aren’t very fatty mainly because we don’t like a lot of fat. We raise our hogs the way want to eat them. We strive to use as little antibiotics on our farm as possible. We use apple cider vinegar as a natural antibiotic for all our animals. We have children that are very sensitive to what they eat so we raise our animals and vegetables to suit our children. We raise chickens and have a garden. Our chickens graze 6 acres and are more like pets. In our garden, we strive to be as organic as possible for our family’s sake. We have two greenhouses for raising winter vegetables (lettuce, spinach, greens, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale, and radishes). We do rotational gardening for pest purposes and we strive to do all-year gardening. We also make many breads. We began making breads mainly because of our children having sensitivity to preservatives. We use butter instead of margarine to steer away from hydrogenated oils.
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