Ralston Family Farms

Website: ralstonfamilyfarms.com

This grower uses synthetic fertilizers and/or pesticides.

Ralston Family Farm is a three-generational working family farm. We provide artisan, Non-GMO rice that is grown, milled, and packaged here on the farm using sustainable farm practices.

Being accountable is the lifeblood of sustainability. By going out of our way to use resources in a manner that is renewable and responsible, we maintain a sense of authenticity. It takes some ingenuity and a lot of hard work, but we don’t mind. Using practices such as Zero-grade leveling and surface water irrigation, we utilize the farm’s natural assets.

We make a point to not only “do no harm” but to also improve the quality of the land we farm for future generations. We want to pass down both our farm and our values to our children and
grandchildren, and to do that we must be forward-thinking in our actions. This is why we invest in the newest and most efficient technologies and methods.

We can also guarantee quality. Quality has its own relation to sustainability. Making thoughtful choices about the way we farm and mill ensures premium results, and when the results are FOOD, that is pretty important. We take feeding your family as seriously as we take feeding our own, and we wouldn’t expect you to eat anything less than the best. We inspect every part of the milling process from the time it first comes out of the bins to the final package. Enjoy!

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