Flying C Ranch

Website: www.cowsandpecans.com

This grower uses synthetic fertilizers and/or pesticides.

Here at Flying C Ranch we’re proud to bring our way of life to families throughout Arkansas with our farm-fresh, pastured raised beef. On our cattle farm we raise our herd in a free-range, low stress handling environment. Cattle roam freely over green pastures and graze at their leisure. They are afforded all the grand necessities you can expect to find for properly raised cattle; clean water, wholesome feed and plenty of space, just like the days of old. In accordance with guidance from the state nutritionist, our cattle are fed a locally ground grain mixture the last 120 days before processing.

Located in central Faulkner County, AR, Flying C Ranch offers wholesome, fresh beef straight from the farm to your home. We work with local and state Cooperative Extension Service of Arkansas agents and adhere to only the best in management practices including 300 Days of Grazing, ruminant nutrition and forage management. Why? Because we stand behind the belief that nature’s way is best. Our cattle graze freely and are fed a locally ground diet for the last ~120 days before slaughter to improve marbling and tenderness. This diet is advised by the state Ruminant Nutritionist and has beeen modified as needed based on final plate results.

Our cattle dwell in a humane environment where they are allowed to graze freely. Best of all, this way of life is evident in the taste of the meat. You’ll notice a remarkable tenderness and protein-rich flavor you just won’t find in your common supermarket.

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