Shaky K Farm

Website: Shakykfarm.com

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Our family operates this small farm, intensively planted, with our grown children and grandchildren pitching in to help. We raise meat chickens and turkeys on pasture with zero antibiotics and Non-GMO supplemental feed. Our hens free-range and receive the same care: no antibiotics or GMO’s, and their feed is rich in organic minerals designed specifically for poultry. This mineral balance makes the difference! Both in our birds and pasture, it has helped us sustain the land we farm. Our plants and produce both are raised free of chemicals, with minerals again playing their essential role. We raise pigs which roam our woods and root for goodies. Their supplemental feed is conventional but they also receive NO antibiotics.
As long as our aging bodies hold up, we will attempt to maintain this circle/cycle of caring for our land and animals to the best of our ability while they, in turn, fill our needs and those of the community we serve.

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