<p>L.C. Ratchford is a lover of all animals. He gets regular calls from people who are in over their heads with an animal that has become much bigger or meaner than they anticipated. Cher the emu is one of the many that he has rescued from folks who have told him to &#8220;show up and get this animal else it will disappear.&#8221; Cher and her partner (Sonny, of course) recently found L.C.&#8216;s camera case (accidentally dropped in their pen). The love birds decided that it looked darned close to an egg. They carried it to the nest and nurtured it &#8211; Sonny keeping it warm as he should. L.C.&#8217;s curiosity about the &#8220;egg&#8221; got the best of him. When he realized it was his camera case that they were trying to hatch, he had to put up a serious fight to get it back. By buying Ratchford Farms products, you are helping feed these rescues and create stories like these. Thank you for your support!</p>