<p>This is L.C. Ratchford feeding Jethro, one of the herd bulls. Don&#8217;t be fooled by the fact that he&#8217;ll eat out of your hand. Notice the steel fence between L.C. and Jethro. It&#8217;s there for a good reason. Buffalo can and do kill humans. They attack in groups and are lethal in this mode. It doesn&#8217;t matter how domestic you think that they are &#8211; they&#8217;re still wild animals and should be treated with extreme caution. This is one reason why few people actually raise the animals. Despite their size of up to 2500 lbs, they can run faster than a horse and jump over any standard cattle fence. So, finding ways to keep them from &#8220;roaming&#8221; outside any farm is an expensive challenge. Six foot steel fences like the one you see here typically do the job.</p>