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Greetings Conway Locally Grown Community,

As a young person interested in farming, I often wonder how I will ever manage to finance a start-up farming venture of my own. The prices of good pasture land within a reasonable proximity to urban markets are simply astounding. One of the important lessons that I am learning from working at Falling Sky Farm is that it takes a community – a network of workers, customers, and lenders – to finance and operate a farm, as well as the vision and people skills to bring these players together into a working whole.

This is an insightful article about beginning farmers, the challenges they face, and what sorts of resources are available to help them. What stuck with me after reading the article was the mention of the connection between successful new farmers and supportive communities built around food and agriculture, communities just like Conway Locally Grown.

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Thanks for providing support for beginning farmers!
Gabe Levin