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OPening Bell and SSAWG Scholarships

Greetings Conway Locally Grown Community,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and now it’s time to celebrate the New Year! I hope you’ll find room in your New Year’s resolutions for something related to food. For inspiration, here’s mine: I vow, under penalty of self loathing, to never again visit a drive through restaurant. My reasons for this resolution are as follows: 1) Using my money to support the fast food industry and its industrial agriculture complex undermines everything that my work in the local food movement stands for; 2) Fast food is really unhealthy, and since I’m not a college athlete any more, I can no longer just burn off whatever ridiculously caloric concoctions I stuff in my mouth; 3) Eating while driving is physically dangerous, and on an intellectual level, eating while driving takes all thought and significance out of food – what joy can there be in eating something so commodified, so intentionally mindless, that it can be eaten while operating a motor vehicle? By the way, around 19% of our meals are now consumed in a car ( So there’s some food for thought. What’s your

SSAWG Scholarships
This year the CLG Community Fund will provide scholarships to the SSAWG Conference to Tammy Pope of Tammy Sue’s Critters, Sandra Leyva of La Lucha Space and Eddie Stuckey of Kellogg Valley Farms. Here is why Tammy would like to attend the conference.
The reason I want to attend this conference, is that we are at crossroads in our farming adventure. I quit my day job a few months ago, and I am now devoting all of my time to our farm and growing our business. We have a farm of dairy goats. We also have a flock of chickens and several beehives. We are producing goat’s milk bath and beauty products. We also are now making beeswax products to increase our line and diversify. I feel attending this conference will give us invaluable information to grow and better manage our farming practices.
Good Work CLG Community!

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Happy New Year!
Gabe Levin