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Opening Bell: Salad Mix, Potatoes, Squash, Honey!

Good afternoon!
How about that extras table Friday! It’s not even officially summer yet, and we already have squash, zucchini, garlic and cucumbers. Each week will see new items available to order online and on the extra table. Like many other places, we have been experiencing a meat shortage. Pork has been added, and chicken options should be available very soon. Ratchford Farm has some beef listed. They are working hard to provide top quality meat during this difficult time.

New Grower! We are pleased to announce that Shaky K Farm has been added as a grower for our market. Read about them under the tab: our growers. They are a family farm in Bee Branch, just up the road. Billianne and her crew have earned a great reputation in the area for producing nutritious food the natural way. The first item they are offering is whole chickens!

If you are like me, and one could only hope they are, your garden is a special place of peace and refuge, where your senses are treated to the best of Nature. Our eyes see the colorful flowers and intricate plants. With our ears, we hear the wind chimes and leaves rustling. But what of the nose? We bend in to smell flowers to enjoy their sweet aroma, but what if there was a way for larger areas of your garden to emit a scent that would
set your mind at ease and lift the soul? Good news! Holy basil is a vigorous annual that has a very soothing aura carried easily on a slight breeze. You can experience it yourself to fully understand what it adds to a garden. Plants now available.

Our market will continue to meet in the lobby every Friday. Our volunteers will be wearing masks. Your order can be brought to your car in the parking lot by one of our dedicated volunteers. Just text me when you are parked, and we will bring your order to your vehicle. 501-339-1039.

Let’s do this again: Authentic Tamales!
Pork, chicken or jalapeño & cheese.
Five for $7.
At market this Friday, June 12th.
Text me your order.

Be sure to SEARCH for your favorite items using the search field. Four instance, type in the word “sale” and see what pops up. We have over 350 items available now!

Most items are listed by 6pm Sunday, but check back again before the market closes Tuesday night to see if any other items are ready to be harvested for you! Eat fresh! Eat local! Eat for better health!

And save your eggshells throughout the week for the laying hens! :-)

The market is now OPEN for orders. Click here to start shopping:

Please check your email a few minutes after you place your order to make sure you get an order confirmation. Thanks!