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September 7, 2015
Although we haven’t yet started listing on line yet, we wanted to give our great supporters an update about our fall plantings. Over the weekend, we transplanted over 1000 lettuce, 850+ kale (3 varieties), plus choi’s, tatsoi/spinaches, arugula, mizuna, radicchio, sorrels, and direct seeded thousands of feet of beets, radishes, turnips, greens, and snow peas. We hope to back on line soon and are looking forward to a great fall season. Thanks to all of you for supporting our family farm.

USDA Certified Organic produce
We are a small scale, local, family farm and believe in healthy food, healthy eating, and wholesome living! We have been growing certified organic vegetables and herbs for the past 25 years, and grow several varieties and types. Our vegetables are the ‘usual’ kinds starting with lettuce, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, beets, etc. and we also grow some ‘unusual’ vegetables (arugula, mizuna, tatsoi, radicchio, kohl rabi, etc.). As the season progresses, we transition to the summer crops of tomatoes, squash, green beans, purple hull peas, peppers, melons, etc. Please look over our listing to see what is currently available.

We try to harvest within 24 hours of delivery as freshness and quality are important to us! And, we are USDA Certified Organic!
Thanks for your support of our small farm and all family farms.
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